The Best Flooring for Dogs

If you’re a dog owner, your choice of floor tiles must benefit you and your pet in equal measure. Picking the wrong tiles can lead to a great deal of unhappiness for both of you. Whether its kitchen tiles, in the living room, dining room or even bathroom tiles, laying a new floor represents a sizeable investment for any property owner. Naturally, anything you may have to redo in a few years simply isn’t worth the expense. As a specialist in floor and wall tiles of every kind, Hot Tile & Bathrooms can help you get it right first time.

In this blog, we explore some of the best tiling options available for homes with dogs. To discuss this or any other unique requirements you may have, please call Hot Tile Importers on 0113 2798870. Like all reputable tile shops, we always go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.

When it comes to flooring to accommodate dogs, most options have their drawbacks. Carpets rip, stain and remain difficult to clean. Hardwood floor may look wonderful initially, but they scratch easily and can always develop set-in stains. Laminate options provide a nice aesthetic, but have a slippery quality, something that can become dangerous for pets. Vinyl floors offer impressive moisture and scratch resistance, but don’t deliver on the high-end, desirable look.

As a result, floor tiles make the ideal solution. Much like the wider range of wall tiles, kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles in our tile shops, homeowners have a wide selection of premium quality options.

Why Choose Floor Tiles?

Our floor tiles have incredible durability combined with scratch, stain and water resistance. Not only does this stand up against dogs running around the house as they like, it also makes cleaning up mess much easier. In addition, as tiling technology advances, you can accurately replicate almost any pattern or style you want, be it stone, wood, concrete or encaustic cement.

If you have any concerns about the floor being too cold and hard, you can integrate heating elements beneath the tiles or position rugs and a dog bed for comfort. In the summer months, your dog will then have the coolest, most comfortable spot in the house to relax on.

Laying floor tiles for dogs raises some of the same considerations as any installation of wall tiles, kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. The softer a natural stone is, the easier it scratches. For example, hard stones like granite make great floors for dogs, while a soft marble may come up short.

However, our tile shop in Leeds, as well as our other tile shops in the surrounding areas, stocks a wide range of porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tiles that replicate practically any look, including wood and marble.

Best of all, the vast majority of our porcelain and ceramic floor tiles, as well as our wall tiles, bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles, will not scratch.

The teams in our tile shops happily discuss any individual requirement to find the ideal solution. If you live in West Yorkshire, please drop by one of our showrooms or call us on the number below.