Current Tile Trends

With tile shops in five Yorkshire locations and more than 60 years of specialist trade experience, Hot Tile Importers recognises the appeal, and importance, of tiling trends. Naturally, homeowners want their floor tiles and wall tiles to make a statement while avoiding the risk of being left with a passing fad. Our team uses their expertise to find the right balance between innovative and timeless installations, ensuring your bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles are remembered for all the right reasons.

We take pride in offering our customers in West Yorkshire a comprehensive range of tile options, including accessories. Like all reputable tile shops, we welcome visitors warmly while giving space for leisurely browsing.

In this blog post we take a look at some of the current trends influencing our installations of wall tiles and floor tiles.

Current Trends for Floor and Wall Tiles

Honeycomb Tiles

Be it kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles or any other room in the house, the geometric shape of honeycomb options continues to hold huge appeal. While colour and texture rightfully remain essential aspects to consider, shape plays a highly underrated role in creating an aesthetic. As such, the hexagonal style provided by honeycomb tiles works brilliantly in spaces of any size.

For a visually effective use of these tiles, combine them with more traditional square or rectangular options from our showrooms to highlight the transition between different spaces.

Long and Narrow Subway Tiles

As the honeycomb trend suggests, unusual tile shapes currently hold huge popularity. While the classic subway tile will always have huge appeal with tile shops and customers alike, the narrower, longer version offers a sleek alternative.

While our teams in West Yorkshire and beyond love this style, we think property owners can’t go wrong with subway wall tiles of any kind. For truly timeless bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles, please don’t hesitate to ask us about our full range of subway options.


For a more rural charm that remains on trend, look no further than modular tiles. Modular floor tiles come in an array of sizes, making them a highly versatile option for multiple rooms in West Yorkshire homes. When laid by one of the specialists from our tile shops, modular floor tiles create texture and interest through irregular patterns, all of which we tailor to individual tastes and décors.

With no straight line connecting each tile, modular installations help to maximise space because the eye isn’t automatically drawn to the edge of the room. This makes a perfect solution for homes on the smaller size.

Hot Tile Importers strives to make your tiling project as simple and stress-free as possible. Our tile shops stock an extensive range of options, so we have the perfect tiles for any kind of room, from kitchen tiles to bathroom tiles.