Big Tiles for Small Spaces

Large-sized kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles aren’t exactly a new trend, but tile shops stock them in larger numbers today more than at any other time in the past. Big wall and floor tiles, a more traditional choice for commercial installations, have started to dominate the domestic market because they work surprisingly well in small room spaces.

With 5 branches we welcome customers who want to use large wall tiles and floor tiles in smaller kitchens and bathrooms to create interesting design features.

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Horizontal Lines – Kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles with a plank design expand the appearance of smaller, narrower rooms to make them look more spacious. A mix of white wall tiles with light grey floor tiles, running horizontally, tricks the eye and this design can work particularly well in cloakrooms, utility rooms and other small room spaces.

Typical tile sizes chosen by homeowners in West Yorkshire are 300mm x 900mm. We have this particular size in stock at our tile shops from a selection of well-known manufacturers.

Terrazzo Designs – The traditional terrazzo style has marble or granite chips set into concrete and still makes up a sizeable proportion of the floor tiles (and, indeed, wall tiles) used in Italian homes today. Replicate this style with modern alternatives, at a fraction of the cost, without any painstaking polishing required to maintain a smooth, shiny surface.

Suitable for use as kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles, terrazzo-style products in a large size offer vivid colour combinations for West Yorkshire homes with smaller room spaces to fill.

Giant Porcelain – Like all reputable tile shops, we stock wall tiles and floor tiles in porcelain, and in a choice of sizes too. Our supersized 600mm x 1200mm products require less than two tiles per square metre of wall or floor space, which cuts down on the amount of work required to install them and the amount of grout needed to fill between the gaps.

Perfect for use as kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, we think that some West Yorkshire homeowners will also find giant porcelain tiles suitable for small porches, hallways and terraces.

Colour Blending – Large-sized wall tiles and floor tiles give you a level of flexibility with colour that you won’t get from a smaller tile. With kitchen tiles, neutral and natural tones still work well. For bathroom tiles, we love to see customers being adventurous with their design ideas and opting for bold, striking tones that still look great in smaller rooms.

Tile shops, much like our own showrooms in Brighouse, Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds and Birstall, usually have a selection of colours on display to give you a clear idea of how the final installation will look in your home.